About Johnny C.

Hey there!

My name is Johnny. I created On Point Billiards.

The reason I created this website was because when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, everything in my area was closed. Bars and pool halls were closed. My local government wouldn’t even allow me to have a friend over for a drink, let alone to play a game of pool.

It was depressing, and I was going bonkers starring at the TV all day. News channels kept repeating the same thing. “The sky is falling!”


I couldn’t sleep from the boredom.

So one night, at around 3AM, I woke up and sat in my comfy recliner. As I sat there, I started pondering about the different hobbies that I enjoyed doing. One thing stood out above the rest – playing billiards.

Every time I play billiards, it feels like I am transported back to when I used to play with my grandfather. He had a bumper pool table in his basement, and even now, 30 years later, I can still remember the excitement I felt as a young boy learning how to play. Pushing the balls against the rails trying to calculate the proper angles to sink the balls.

I thought to myself; I have a pool table in the basement that I could use to improve my billiards skills.

Why not use it? It’s just sitting there collecting dust.

So, this is when On Point Billiards was born.

I created drills to improve my stroke, aim, angle shots, bank shots, English, ball shape, etc. Some were easy, and others I had to practice for hours before mastering them.

The time spent practicing these drills was so refreshing, and fun!

It gave me a purpose, and it was something that challenged me. The results? I became a better billiards player, and it gave me the stress relief I desperately needed.

This website, in its essence, serves as a catalog for all the drills I practiced during this time.

Hopefully, you will find these drills useful to improve your own game and billiards skills. And perhaps, help you crush it next time you play with your friends.

Until next time.

P.S. If you have questions about my website or content, please contact me.